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In Valenciennes

Take advantage of your stay at the Brit Hotel Notre-Dame to discover the attractive town of Valenciennes.Made up of just over 41,000 inhabitants, it is an important economic hub in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region. It is a resurgent city, notable for the reopened second-largest museum of Flemish Art in France, and the construction of one of the most beautiful theatres from the late 19th century.Valenciennes will have no secrets from you after you read this page! Now for an overview of everything to see/do in Valenciennes and its surroundings.

To see

There are some monuments that you cannot miss during a visit to the city. Discover, for example, the attractive Hôtel de Ville or the Notre-Dame du Saint-Cordon Basilica (impossible to miss, being situated right opposite the Hôtel) The Saint Géry church and its belfry, built in a neogothic romantic style in 1850, is also a building worth visiting. Lovers of art can go to the Museum of the Beaux-Arts and admire the prestigious collections of paintings and sculptures by artists native to the region.

‘Au Noooooord, c'était les coroooons’, sang Pierre Bachelet so well... In Valenciennes, discover the ‘Coron des 120’, an alignment of typical workers’ lodgings which came into being during the industrial revolution of the 18th century. Proof of its great tourist value, the mining district of Nord-Pas-de-Calais is on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a ‘living and evolving cultural landscape’.

Enjoy the beauty of the famous Escaut houses. These timber-frame houses, built between the 13th and 16th centuries, used to hold flax-weaving looms.

Eager for greenery, peace and tranquillity? Head off for a walk around the Parc de la Citadelle and its ‘Penitents’ Lock’. This vast park houses the remains of this lock which served as a defence for the city of Valenciennes during past centuries. Lovers of literature and ancient manuscripts can visit Valencienne's multimedia library, a former Jesuit chapel.

It is a building that has kept its charm of old, in particular with its Louis XIII-style windows and Louis XVI ornaments.

The Scarpe Escaut Regional Natural Park is also worth seeing during a stay in Valenciennes. Created in 1968, it is the oldest French regional park. Farming landscapes, spa areas, woods and forests elegantly make up this exceptional natural space.

To Do

Numerous activities are on offer in Valenciennes. Lasergame, Go-karting, Bowling, Golf... There’s something for everyone!

Throughout the year there are festivals which animate the city: the Festival Tandem, the Festival 2 Cinéma, the Festival des Turbulentes or the Festival des Bandas. Discover also the Valenciennes Parade of Giants, which is generally carried out once a year in the Valenciennes streets.

Wander around the Valenciennes markets throughout the year, and discover the fresh regional produce.

Produce from other French regions or from abroad is also proudly on display during certain months of the year.

Find all the relevant information about Valenciennes and its region by heading to the tourist office website: